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[Recruiting] Timers Needed!

We would like to recruit some timers, who have experience in timing (karaoke timing is preferable but not a must). If you are interested please do email us on:

Oh, you must also have quite a bit of time since timing takes quite awhile to do... but we have QC-ers who will help you out :)
So for those who would like to help us out please do! We are friendly people~ won't bite anyone lots of snuggling instead xP

Ok, what you should put on your email (other than why you'd like to join and what kind of experience(s) you've got in the past.
Subject: Timer Position
and please, please let us know what your livejournal account is so we can use it when we put your name down on the team list.

Aside from that... our next upcoming project would be... Tegomasu no Ai Concert DVD! So please look forward to it :)
colouring those three words nearly killed my eyes...

Position filled~ Thank you :D